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Geo-restrictions and VPN Services

Geo-restrictions are what prevent some users from accessing information stored on servers in specific nations. Among the most common sites that users complain about where geo-restriction is concerned are Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and certain others. A VPN service provides a viable way to get by geo-restrictions, but you’ll want to take a look at the site you’re trying to access and learn how to use the VPN to get to the content that you want.

Server Locations

Just about every VPN provider out there gives a comprehensive list of the different nations in which they have servers. One of the reasons they do this is to more effectively market their products to users who are specifically trying to avoid geo-restrictions on content that they want to access. Most of the time, there are some specific ways that you can get around geo-restrictions.

First, the majority of the content that people want to get to that has geo-restrictions on it is located in the United Kingdom or in the US. Choosing a VPN provider who offers a service with servers located in those nations is the best way to get around geo-restrictions on that content.

Second, if you can’t figure out which nations are geo-restricted from viewing content, you can do an Internet search to find out where the company that owns the webpage you’re trying to access is located. Chances are, if you hook up to the VPN server in that nation, you should be able to access their content without any restrictions.

Many Nations

There are some nations that are predictably targeted for geo-restrictions. China, for example, is the nation where a great deal of the piracy that concerns the entertainment industry takes place. Many other nations with more or less free Internet access, however, also have geo-restrictions imposed upon them. New Zealanders, for instance, have long endured geo-restrictions that prevent them from accessing popular entertainment sites. VPN services are very popular in this nation, specifically because of this.

Why VPNs Work

One of the main functions of the VPN service is to conceal your IP address. Your IP address gives geographic information, which is how geo-restricted content is denied you in the first place. By using a VPN service, you’re able to access a site with geo-restrictions on it as if you were coming from a nation that was not restricted from viewing that content. This can also be accomplished with proxy servers and DNS-based solutions but, unlike a VPN, none of those services encrypt your traffic, which is one of the most significant concerns among those who use VPN providers.

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