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OverPlay Review

Overplay is an affordable option for anybody who needs VPN service. They offer plenty of different locations where you can hook up to one of their servers and they support a variety of protocols.

OverPlay is a recommend provider and a good choice because they offer a a high quality VPN solution. Read the technical review for more details or ..

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OverPlay Speed Test

OverPlay baseline Speed Test OverPlay VPN Speed Test Results

Overplay has impressive figures in speed testing, comparable to the competition. On a connection with a baseline speed of just under 50 Mbps download and 2.0 Mbps upload with the cross-country connection, the following speed results were obtained.

  • Internet speed was cut to roughly 30 Mbps download and 1.50 Mbps upload when connecting across the United States.
  • Speed was slightly less when connecting to servers outside the United States, with 17 Mbps download and one Mbps upload speeds being clocked.

Overplay Pricing Plans

Overplay comes with different pricing models for different lengths of service. All of their pricing plans come with unlimited VPN access. The pricing structure is as follows:

  • Unlimited VPN: $9.95 per month
  • Unlimited VPN: 3 months: $29.95
  • Unlimited VPN: 6 months: $52.95
  • Unlimited VPN: 1 year $99.95

Overplay Setup / How to Use Overplay

While Overplay can be set up manually, users also have the option of downloading a software program that will handle all the installation for them. The company recommends that users take advantage of this, as the software will automatically punch the appropriate holes in the firewall and make it much easier to work with the service.

There are downloads available for windows 2000 through Windows 7, Macintosh OS X, Linux and mobile operating systems, including Android and the iPhone/iPad operating systems.

Overplay Server Locations

Overplay boasts an impressive list of nations where they have servers located. Users will find servers available in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Mexico, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Korea, Japan, Brazil, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Israel, Poland and many more. There are a total of 48 nations included that users can access with any of the packages.


Overplay Compatibility

Overplay is compatible with PPTP, L2TP/IPsec and open VPN. The options for mobile devices include PPTP access.

Overplay also allows users to make use of legal P2P and bit torrent traffic for file sharing.

Some nations only have dedicated OpenVPN servers. These include Poland, Finland, Belgium, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

Overplay vs The Competition

Overplay has an excellent pricing structure, which should make it tempting to those who want an easy way to save money on their VPN service. The many different packages available to provide easy installation options for a variety of operating systems also make this a particularly easy to use service.

Overplay also has some cool ad on features such as their SmartDNS tool – which allows you to visit websites that are blocked without using a VPN service and they also have a software program that supports the installation of firmware for DD-WRT routers.

Small additional features like SmartDNS and a specialized DD-WRT firmware show that OverPlay is making an effort to continually  improve which effectively sets them apart from many other providers.

Overplay Errors

Most errors resolve to simple user issues. Any issues with usernames and passwords are likely related to account status. Connectivity issues are usually the result of interference from a firewall. Because the software does the heavy lifting involved in setting up the VPN service, Overplay is generally very easy to use and troubleshoot.

Overplay Conclusion

A 48-our refund policy ensures that you can test the service out and see what you think for yourself. With unlimited downloads, excellent speed test results and the flexibility to connect over several VPN protocols, most users should find this to be a very strong choice.

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5 stars
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# of Servers 55
# of Countries 48
# of IP Addr. 5000
Speed Fast
Bandwidth Unlimited
Since 2001

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