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Free VPN Service ?

There are a few options for Free VPN service that range from ad supported VPN service to Free VPN trials offers to money back guarantee. Here are our top 4 VPN Service Providers with free trial or money back offers.

Best Deal/ Best VPN
3 Days
VyprVPN Free Trial
Best Quality/ Price
7 Days
IPVanish Free Trial
Best Brand Name
30 Days
ExpressVPN Free Trial
Best Deal VPN
30 Days
HideMyAss Free Trial

Free VPN Choices – Free VPN Trials or Free VPN Services ?

As mentioned about when we refer to free VPN services we can mean two things – free VPN trials or free VPN services ( advertiser supported / limited bandwidth) services.

VPN services require money, bandwidth and energy to maintain and in reality there is no such thing as a  completely free high quality VPN service. With that said there are some excellent free trial offers and some advertiser supported VPN services that may work if you are on a low budget.

Top 20 VPN Service Providers With Free Trials

NameFree Trial DetailsPrice# Servers# Countries# IPs
VyprVPNVyprVPN 3 Days6.676.67700+38200,000+ Visit VyprVPN
IPVanishIPVanish 7 Days6.49/Month$6.49/Month165+65+25,000+ Visit IPVanish
ExpressVPNExpressVPN 30 Days8.328.32No Info78No Info Visit ExpressVPN
HideMyAssHideMyAss 30 Days66853182114,732 Visit HideMyAss
PureVPNPureVPN 3 Days88450+10180,000+ Visit PureVPN
TorguardTorguard 30 Days9.99/mnth$9.99/mnth1250+43+No info Visit Torguard
Slick VPNSlick VPN 7 Day5/mo$5/mo140+46Thousands Visit Slick VPN
IbVPNIbVPN 6 Hours10.9510.9594+392000+ Visit IbVPN
iVPNiVPN 7 Days8.33 / month$8.33 / month17+10Hundreds Visit iVPN
HideIPVPNHideIPVPN 24 Hours101026+5Hundreds Visit HideIPVPN
ICloakerICloaker 10 Days6.67 / Month$6.67 / Month3116534+ Visit ICloaker
SwitchVPNSwitchVPN 2 Days4.95/mnt$4.95/mnt50+271000+ Visit SwitchVPN
CactusVPNCactusVPN 1 Day3.49 / Month$3.49 / Month16+4+Hundreds Visit CactusVPN
ConnectInPrivateConnectInPrivate 7 Days10104+4100+ Visit ConnectInPrivate
JonDonymJonDonym YES€5 per 650MB/month€5 per 650MB/month50+5No Info Visit JonDonym
GeoSurfGeoSurf 5 Days89/mnt$89/mnt120+76Thousands Visit GeoSurf
12VPN12VPN 7 Days9.99/mnth$9.99/mnth17+17200+ Visit 12VPN
CryptocloudCryptocloud 7 Days121285100+ Visit Cryptocloud
Secure TunnelSecure Tunnel 15 Day8/mnt$8/mntNo Info9+No Info Visit Secure Tunnel
Private WiFi VPNPrivate WiFi VPN 3 Days9.99/mnt$9.99/mnt21+21+No Info Visit Private WiFi VPN

If you’re really serious about security and other capabilities  then you’ll probably want to invest in a paid VPN service.

Disadvantages of Choosing a Free VPN Service

  • Limited Download Speeds —  no one can afford to give you unlimited high speed download for free, providing bandwidth takes time, energy and money.
  • Shared Download Pipe – Free VPN comes with limited speed. You will most probably get very low speeds, as majority free VPN services will offer you with no more than 512Kbps and that too will be shared.
  • Intrusive Advertisements – Completely free VPN Services come with an ad supported platform and if someone is tracking your behavior online – how anonymous is that ?
  • No Tech Support – Good luck getting support if you are not paying any money to help support their business.
  • Scam or Honeypot ? –  Many free VPN services are either scams or exist to support government monitoring. TMost of the so called free VPN services are scam, that is they are there to collect your information and sell them to buyers.
  • Govt Interceptions – Free VPN Services are more prone to governmental intrustions. Paid VPN services have more reason to protect their reputation.
  • No Movies — You will not be able to download movies or stream YouTube videos because of limited speed and bandwidth.
  • Eventual Upsell –  Nothing is free and eventually you will be upsold on a paid VPN service.

One option worth consideration that often gets overlooked would be a free web proxy service such as one offered by HideMyAss ( read our review of HideMyAss).  Web proxies are less secure and slightly slower than VPNs however they can fit the bill if you want to do some web surfing , remain anonymous or if you just want to hide your IP address.

Here is a recap of the difference between web proxies and VPN services

Web Proxies Vs VPN Services

  • Hide From Hackers and Network Spies – while a web proxy can help you to hide your IP address you connection between your computer and the web proxy server is typically not encrypted and therefore more open to security attacks and prying eyes.  (Some web proxies do support SSL)
  • Anonymous Search –  Both web proxies and VPN services are able to facilitate anonymous web browsing. Specifically with both proxies and VPN services you can hide your online fingerprint and route your traffic through remote endpoints to help stay anonymous online.
  • Bypass Geographic Internet Restrictions –  with both web proxies and VPN you can choose to appear to in different locations – your IP address can be in England, Hong Kong or Brazil depending on the servers allocated via a VPN Service provider or web proxy provider
  • Software Requirements –  here a web proxy services has  a slight advantage proxy capabilities are built into all major web browsers. That said, basic VPN capabilities such as PPTP are built into all the major operating systems.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth –  web proxies are typically limited in their bandwidth whereas many VPN services  offer have unlimited bandwidth.
  • Watch Hulu / Netflix in Another Country–   Popular video streaming websites such as Netflix or Hulu will not work with web proxies. VPN services however work well in this scenario.
  • Works with All Applications – unlike a web proxy, a VPN will automatically work with all applications on your computer as a VPN tunnels your entire internet connection.
  • Data Security – VPN encryption standards used are trusted by corporations, scientists and governments world-wide with web proxies your level of security or encryption if at all will normally be less

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Best VPN Service Listings

Best Deal/ Best VPN
VyprVPN5 stars Review
Visit VyprVPN
Best Quality/ Price
IPVanish5 stars Review
Visit IPVanish
Best Brand Name
ExpressVPN5 stars Review
Visit ExpressVPN
Best Deal VPN
HideMyAss5 stars Review
Visit HideMyAss