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Your Mobile Device May Be a Tempting Target

mobile device targeted by hackersIf you’ve got an Android or iOS device that you use on public networks or any other networks, for that matter, you may have a nice moving target for hackers. Mobile devices are now used for just about every type of networked activity, from checking email to making PayPal transfers to surfing social media sites. That means that a lot of information that hackers would like is likely being sent from your mobile device. It also means that there are very good reasons to consider doing something about it.

The Attacks Are Frightening

One of the newest types of attacks has been given the name Ransomware. This is malware that is designed to basically hijack your device and make it unusable, unless you take a specific action. There is a similar type of attack that desktop malware sometimes launches. The ransom might involve installing a bogus antivirus program or further mucking up the computer with dangerous software.

There are other ways that these attacks can be even more frightening, however. Your computer’s IP address can be used to trace its location. It’s easy enough to figure out the ISP and city, at any rate. With mobile devices, however, a GPS is usually available and that GPS information can be used to track a user’s physical location at any given time. This has already caused a stir with privacy experts over how some cell carriers and other companies were using this information.

For a hacker, mobile information is gold. If you’re not at home, they can figure that out, given the right kind of malware and your mobile sending them the information that they need.

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Fixing the Problem

At the same time that hackers have gone mobile, so have VPN services. Today’s VPN services usually offer a mobile version of their app. Most mobile operating systems also allow you to connect to a VPN manually.

A VPN changes your IP address and encrypts your information. This even applies if you’re on a public network, so you can use the network at a business establishment that offers free Wi-Fi without having to worry about getting hacked by someone listening in.

VPN services are advertising this a great deal these days, so it’s not hard to find a mobile-compatible provider. Given that so much personal information is on mobile devices, it makes sense to encrypt it and keep it safe from prying eyes and dangerous infections.

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