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PayPal Becoming Increasingly Difficult to Use for Cloud Service Payments

PayPal-Difficult-for-Cloud-Service-PaymentsA group called StopFileLockers, an industry group representing copyright holders, has recently targeted Mega once more, persuading four of the leading resellers for the Mega service to drop their PayPal payment options. According to an article in TorrentFreak, the group only started the campaign within the last week or so and has already reaped these rewards.

From now on, Pay.mobi, GratisAntivirus, VoucherReseller and Hosting.co.uk have dropped their PayPal payment option for Mega, according to the article. In the article, a representative of the StopFileLockers group said that PayPal had applied their terms of service once they were alerted and had cancelled processing payments for Mega through the resellers.

At the same time, according to the article, Mega has been removing content that has been identified by copyright holders as violating their property rights. The StopFileLockers rep said that his organization is not interested in targeting sites that make efforts to prevent copyright infringement on their sites.

Presumed Guilty

PayPal has already shown hostility to services such as VPNs and cloud storage sites. Presumably, the company believes that anyone using a cloud file storage service is guilty of some sort of copyright infringement, despite the fact that these services have more legitimate uses than illegitimate ones. There are alternatives, however, and they are becoming more popular as PayPal becomes more difficult and less useful as an online payment system.

Bitcoin is one of the alternatives to PayPal that offers a bit more than just a payment system. It’s also anonymous. It’s essentially the digital equivalent of cash. Learning how to use it, at first, can be somewhat confusing, but it’s easy enough once you’ve gone through the process once.

Bitcoin, and even cash payments, are accepted by some of the services that PayPal has targeted as establishing that someone is guilty of copyright infringement, even if they are not guilty of copyright infringement. For instance, some VPN providers offer this option to their customers as an enhanced way of protecting their privacy. For those in nations where subscribing to a VPN service may draw the attention of oppressive authorities, this has obvious additional benefits.

Even though Mega has made serious efforts to remove copyright infringing material and is trying to do things right, they still remain the targets of industry pressure groups such as StopFileLockers and payment processors such as PayPal. As the pressure tactics increase, however, it’s likely that consumers will simply look elsewhere to process payments to legitimate services.

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