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TrustedProxies Review

TrustedProxies Review
Countries No info
Servers No info
IPs No info
Price 8
Payment: Credit Card
Protocols PPTP

TrustedProxies aims its service at business clients and it offers some very sophisticated packages. The packages are all oriented toward SEO and other complex enterprises. This isn’t a hobbyist type proxy service.

The site features their corporate options most prominently and it definitely of a size and scale that it should be able to handle very large and busy clients. For clients who need to take on specific and tough tasks, this proxy service may have a package oriented toward that specific undertaking already on the offer.

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The pricing plans for this provider are very complex and scaleable. The packages are oriented towards specific tasks: monitoring localized content, checking search engines, etc. Despite their large scale capabilities, they do have options that should be affordable for independent SEO consultants.

Plan pricing includes many variables, such as the nations included in a particular list of servers, the number of search engine GETs and so forth, making prices highly variable and very scaleable. Their plan options include:

  • Parallel Private Proxy Server Plans
  • Geo-Proxy Server Plans
  • US Metro Area Plans
  • Unique C-Class Plans
  • Proxy Server Cloud Plans
  • Big-G Extractor Plans

TrustedProxies Coupon/Discount

None listed. You get 7 days to test out the service before you decide to commit, however.

TrustedProxies Payment Options

TrustedProxies takes major credit cards for payment.

TrustedProxies Technical Details

This is a highly technical service that is geared toward clients who will likely already know what they need. It has very robust features, options and allows you to customize the services you get by nation and other variables. This company should be large and sophisticated enough to handle most any client.

TrustedProxies Customer Support

Help is available around the clock from this provider. They also have a ticketing system and plenty of help guides to get their customers going.

TrustedProxies Conclusion

This is a service made for people who know tech, know how to use proxy servers for SEO and other purposes and who want something very professional. Their Big-G stealth extractor worked very well in setting and is the best out there for RankTracker.com. It is the best for Google and Bing, as well. It’s not good for Yahoo, but that’s not likely to be much of an issue for most SEO firms.

If you want something scaleable and professional for very sophisticated SEO work, TrustedProxies is a vendor to take a look at, particularly if you’re getting service for a larger company.

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